Used textiles container service for cities and communities

As a qualified service provider in the field of used textiles collection, Comfort Trading offers full service around used textiles container collections. We offer our service to cities and smaller local communities alike. For years, Comfort Trading has been cooperating with reputable charitable organizations and associations of many kinds. Our company has many competences in the field of collecting used clothes and shoes with used textile containers. Comfort Trading takes care of the provision of collection containers, labeling and paintwork as well as weekly emptying of the containers. Besides, we maintain cleanliness of the container sites. With the additional revenues from used clothes and shoes collections, cities and local communities often find a way to finance communal social services and other projects.

Integration of our containers into the townscape

The used clothes and shoes containers, provided by our company free of charge, are available in a variety of colors. The desired labeling design is provided by our company free of charge as well.

Container sizes:

Textilrecyling Altkleidercontainer für Kommunen

Service overview:

• Commission stipulated by contract
• Provision of containers free of charge
• Meeting of labeling costs
• Weekly emptying
• Cleaning of container site
• Exploitation of used clothes and shoes
• Commercialization of used clothes and shoes


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